How VR Box Can Feel You-Enjoy Top 5 VR Box at Discount

Virtual Reality (VR) technology has rapidly evolved in recent years, bringing about revolutionary changes in the way we interact with digital content. Among the myriad of VR devices available, VR boxes have emerged as an accessible and user-friendly option for those eager to explore the immersive world of virtual reality.

VR Box
VR Box

What is VR Box

“VR Boxes”refers to a type of virtual reality (VR) headset or goggles that are designed to be used with smartphones. These devices are also known as VR glasses or VR headsets.


VR Headsets are often made of lightweight materials and are designed to hold a smartphone securely. They come with lenses that create a stereoscopic effect when the smartphone screen is split into two distinct images – one for each eye.

Smartphone Integration

The primary feature of a VR Headsets is its integration with a smartphone. The smartphone is inserted into the VR Box and serves as the display screen for virtual reality content.


The lenses within the VR Glasses magnify the images on the smartphone screen, creating a 3D effect and immersing the user in a virtual environment. Many VR headsets also have a head strap to keep the device in place while the user experiences VR content.


Some VR Boxes come with buttons or touch-sensitive areas that allow users to interact with the virtual environment. The user’s movements and head rotations are typically tracked to provide a more immersive experience.


VR Boxes are commonly used for a variety of applications, including gaming, virtual tours, educational experiences, and immersive video content.


VR Boxes are often designed to be compatible with a range of smartphones of different sizes. However, compatibility may vary depending on the specific model.

VR Box

The Sensations of Wearing VR Glasses

Stepping into the world of virtual reality (VR) is a captivating experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional digital interaction. As users don VR glasses and immerse themselves in virtual environments, a unique array of sensations unfolds.

Even before putting on the VR glasses, there is a feeling of anticipation and excitement. Users know that they are about to embark on a journey that will take them to places they have never been, whether fantasy realms or realistic simulations.

Initial Disorientation

Upon wearing VR Box, many users report a brief moment of disorientation. The real world around them disappears, replaced by the digital landscape displayed on the screens inside the goggles. This initial shift can be both exhilarating and slightly disconcerting as the brain adjusts to the new visual input.

Sense of Presence

One of the most remarkable feelings associated with VR Box is the sense of presence. Users often describe a profound feeling of “being there” in the virtual environment. The brain, fooled by the immersive visuals and spatial audio, creates a powerful illusion of actually existing within the digital realm.

Immersive Engagement:

As users explore virtual landscapes or interact with elements in the virtual world, there’s a heightened sense of engagement. Whether playing a VR game, taking a virtual tour, or participating in an educational experience, the level of immersion goes beyond what traditional media can offer.

Emotional Responses:

VR experiences can evoke strong emotional responses. Users may feel excitement, awe, fear, or a combination of emotions depending on the content. For example, a virtual roller coaster ride might induce a sense of thrill, while a virtual exploration of outer space could spark a feeling of wonder.

Top 5 VR Box Review

1.Irusu Play VR Headset

ModelIrusu Play VR Headset_01
Special FeaturesIPD Adjustment, Adjustable Headband, Inbuilt Touch Button, Removable Front Panel for AR, Built-In Speakers
Connectivity TechnologyAuxiliary
Included ComponentsCleaning Cloth, Warranty Card, Remote, VR Headset, User Manual
Compatible DevicesSmartphone
Age RangeAdult
Operating SystemAndroid
Price₹2,944.00 (With Remote), ₹2,339.00 (Without Remote)
Discount26% off
Customer Ratings3.4 out of 5 stars (2,898 ratings)
Value For Money3.6
Picture Quality3.6
Remote Control3.5
WeightNot specified
Display Size4.7 inches
Controller TypeTouchpad Control, Remote Control
Warranty1 Year
DeliveryFree One-Day
OffersNo Cost EMI, Cashback, Bank Offers
Purchase LinkCheck Price On Amazon
Specification of Irusu VR Box

Customer Reviews

  • Customers appreciate the VR headset for its value for money and picture quality.
  • The comfort level is rated reasonably high.
  • Some users find the remote control functionality to be satisfactory.
  • The VR headset is compatible with a range of smartphones with gyroscope sensors.
  • The VR experience quality depends on mobile screen resolution and properly crafted VR content.
  • Note: The remote may not be compatible with iOS and Samsung Galaxy series devices.

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